The Lego Movie

Phil Lord & Chris Miller

FX Artist

Animal Logic

Initially I was brought onto the project in pre-production back in 2012 to help develop the style and visual language of the FX Animation for the film. This included alot of visual experimentation using standard FX solutions as well as keyframed animation techniques with the Lego Digital Library at our disposal. This resulted in several tests that helped establish the micro scale, lego based FX style for the movie going forward.

This led me to designing and animating the Emmett Shower Scene using crude key frame animation techniques which upon review, apparently left the Director's laughing for a solid 15 minutes!

I later re-joined the team in full production to create FX for the rest of the film. I created a wide array of Lego based FX such as Fire, Destruction, Smoke, Explosions, Crowds as well key design orientated FX such as the Lego Alien Teleport FX. I was also very fortunate to work closely with the FX Lead, Art Director and Co-Director, Chris Mckay.